Sunday, 13 November 2011

101 Dreams - Dream 52

So need this hanging in my eventual home. 
Dream 52 - Have an awesome disney collection. This is kind of a Kt and James dream. We have started, I believe we have Tangled and The Lion King in our collection so far, and I shall be adding another 3 to the list as Christmas presents to James (I'm not spoiling the surprise, he already knows...Lion King was going to be one of them, and then he went and got it himself! So I moaned at him.). I think Disney was a MASSIVE part of my childhood, and I love most/all their movies (I have only seen something like a third of them...but thats a reasonable amount to make a judgment on right? Especially when they've made more than 300 movies...), so I would love to have a lovely collection for lazy Friday nights in and for my eventual, adorable children. :)
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(I think maybe had the Harry Potter module been a Disney one I would have been way more interested, and idea maybe?)

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