Friday, 11 November 2011

Last day at 'work'

Most beautiful scarf ever...and massively long.
Today was my last day doing 'conversational English' before I leave to Australia. I (/my mum) made some Victoria sponge for the girls since they had never heard of the cake before, and I got them some books to read and keep up their English. They in return got me a LOVELY scarf, I seriously don't feel like I deserve something that nice, but they do so I am very thankful. It is BEAUTIFUL! (or 'very pretty', one of the girls' favourite phrases)

They also made me some lovely 'little girl drawings'. :) Kids are so cute. I think I shall miss going round to theirs to play and teach English, but we'll be keeping in touch, so all is good.
It's my last darts groupie-ing tonight...such a sad day!