Monday, 14 November 2011

Just a doodle

A doodle from school.
I'm not sure why I never have a huge amount of confidence in my work...people always seem so impressed with what I can do. The above was a doodle I had done after a Maths test, I'd finished a couple of minutes early, so doodled, because thats what I did at school. I remember after the test people talking and noticing a friend had drawn a small turtle about to jump into a bucket, and then noticing the above sitting on the table in front of me as I packed up and asking if I had drawn it. They were amazed that I had, and in about 5-10mins, and all in the time I wasn't much impressed with what I had done, but now I actually think it's pretty cool. :P I suppose I'm not that bad at drawing after all.

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