Monday, 28 November 2011

A week in feet

21 Nov 2011 - James' place in Sydney
So, yeah, I like photographing feet...I can't explain it, but I do. I like the story they can tell, so I thought I'd try taking some photos most days to see where my feet take me. :P So if you don't like feet ignore these posts, but if you don't mind them...then I hope you don't find me too weird. :P
22 Nov 2011 - Pretty flower petals in Darling Harbour.
23 Nov 2011 - It was cold, I didn't have much for cold, but I had tights.
24 Nov 2011 - Pretty dress. :)
25 Nov 2011 - Darling Harbour after a super yum dinner with my Dad. 
26 Nov 2011 - All packed up to leave Sydney for the summer.
27 Nov 2011 - James' bed in Canberra. :P
It's keeping me entertained. :)

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