Friday, 24 August 2012

My Life in Music - Spice Girls

Ah, the Spice Girls. I'm sure they bring back many memories for most girls that lived through the 90's. I loved them! There music still makes me smile.

Every time I hear one of their songs I think of a couple of different things. Firstly, living in Austria. My friends and I loved them. My friends had their barbie dolls, t-shirts, etc. I'm pretty sure the only Spice Girl things I owned were their CD's (I'm pretty sure it was all on CD by then, I may have had the odd tape?), their video (it was bright green!) and a body spray/deodorant thing. I remember once spraying a boy with the deodorant thing, because him and his friends were following me and my friends and we didn't like it (or maybe we did, and it was our way of flirting, I was about 9 at the time, so who knows!). I also remember telling my mum about it, she didn't look too pleased. It's odd the things you keep in your head!
Secondly, the Spice Girls make me think of our car journey's to Confirmation classes. My best friend and I were in the same class, so we would go to one of our houses after school on a (I want to say) Thursday, and hang out/do our maths homework together until it was time to go to Confirmation. On the way we would listen to the Spice Girls, much to the dismay of the other girl we were car pooling with who seriously looked like she would have rather died than participate with our fun, and dance the whole way to church. :)

I think I shall always have a spot for the Spice Girls in my heart.

Fun Fact: James had never heard this Spice Girl song before the Closing Ceremony of the Olympics. Well, he asked what song it was because he had never heard it before. I felt speechless.

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