Friday, 3 August 2012

My little Medical Adventure

I went for my Visa Medical today. It was interesting. As told, I arrived 15 mins early (30mins actually, but thats only because it was either that or late), got my ticket and waited. When my number was called I went up to the desk and had my Visa Medical forms checked out, all sorts stamped on them and then got my photo taken, "No smiling!". I have never understood why we can't smile, do people really walk around not smiling more than they do smiling? Wouldn't they be more recognisable if they were smiling in the photo? Wouldn't everyone be that bit happier with their photos if they could smile?
Anyhoo, that done, I had to go wait in the X-ray room. I went to the bathroom first, so didn't actually have to wait. I was guided to a cubical thing to put on some top/apron thing for my chest x-ray. I was kind of excited about the chest x-ray. I've never had an x-ray before. It was a disappointment. I don't know anything about hospitals and all the machines they use, but I was hoping for something cooler than I screen I had to press myself against, a 'click', and it being done. But I did not get any more than that. Major let down.
Next, was some more waiting. Then I got called through for the sight, height and weight check. With the added urine test...remember how I said I went to the bathroom before? Silly me. I have no idea why the lady who directed me to the bathroom didn't just say "You'll need to give a urine sample soon, might be best to hold it in.", but she didn't. Oh well. My sight is fine with my glasses on, score! My height is 165cm, and my weight 64kg. I like getting official measurements from doctor people. :)
That done and it was another wait, for the blood test. Eeek! I am awful with needles. At school when I was little, the school would do vaccinations, and everyone had to go wait for them, even if they weren't getting one that year. I was in tears because I thought I was going to have to get an injection, sobbing. I don't do needles. But, I had braved my way through them last year, so I told myself I could do it. My name was called. I went in, sat on the chair, stuck out my arm and turned my head away. I felt the prick, and then myself getting ever more faint. After it was done, two little tubes of blood, I was seeing black. I was not breathing properly. I couldn't speak, and I was crying. I didn't want to cry, but I couldn't control it. I felt dizzy and faint. Needless to say, I shall not be donating blood any time soon.
After a 5-10min calm down in the blood sample room I moved on to my last wait, the check up thing. My blood pressure was taken, heart listened to, and that groovy knee-hitting-leg-kicking thing done. And DONE!

I have spent the rest of the day doing nothing because my arm hurts and I'm super freaked out blood will just start spurting out of it. I know that's silly, but I am silly. :)

Medicals are interesting.


  1. I hate getting blood taken as well. for a while last year i needed a blood test every fortnight and I fainted nearly every time, so now they give them to me lying down.
    I hope yours stops hurting soon and at least that's one more step crossed off the visa list!

    1. Goodness!!! How did you ever survive?!

      It has stopped hurting now, thankfully, and yes! One step closer. I think it shall definitely be in next week! :)