Thursday, 2 August 2012

Visa stuff

This week has been full steam ahead with my visa application. We spent quite a while getting ready, basically getting our head around what we need to do...and which forms we need to fill in. It was a slow and stressful beginning, the amount of stuff that needs to get done, and the price of it, was extremely overwhelming! But we're getting somewhere now! I got quite a lot done this week, dedicating each evening to one form, and spending today getting the little things done (I didn't get any work, poo).

So far we have:
-My form filled out
-James' form filled out
-My character check form filled out
-All but one of our certified copies of numerous things (passports, birth certificate, proof we live together, proof we share bills, etc. etc.)
-Photos to show our relationship through the years
-2 statutory declarations from James' family (with 3 more to come)
-My three Police checks (one for each place I've lived the last 10 years) sent off

Still need to do:
-Medical (booked for tomorrow morning, and paid for)
-Mine and James' statutory declarations of our relationship

Awesome! :D I am a very happy bunny at the moment! Being able to see the finish line makes things so much easier!


  1. Good luck with it all, I've heard so many visa horror stories so I really hope it all goes swimmingly for you!

    1. Thanks! I've heard a few too! It's a very daunting process. Well wishes are much appreciated! :)