Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Welcome back X-Factor

That's right, X-Factor is back on our screens! Yay! Unfortunately for us, we are in Australia, so can only watch the whole episode of the Australian X-Factor...which, doesn't quite do the 'bad' acts as well as the UK. It's all good, good, amazing, good...which gets a bit boring. They are also on a mission to create an Australian One Direction, they are actually going to put solo acts together to make the ultimate boy band AND get One Direction to come mentor them...oh dear! We still get to watch some of the UK X-Factor acts on their youtube channel, and so far they have produced my favourite acts.

Above is Jahmene Douglas. Oh man, he made us smile so much. That cute little laugh at the end of pretty much every sentence is just adorable! James said he thought he was definitely going to be good, because he has that musician/actor weird quirk thing going on. He was amazing.
Below, Sheyi Omatayo. Cookie Monster. Hilarious.


  1. I really didn't rate anyone on x factor this week :( i know everyone loved the first guy you mentioned but I really didnt like him.. probably because i love that song so much though, which probably isn't his fault lol x

    1. I think the fact that I loved his little giggle so much may have meant he could have sung average, and I would have liked it. I'm a sucker for the person rather than the voice. :P