Saturday, 24 August 2013


I don't know if we hang out in the wrong part of Sydney, or just don't get out enough, but season changes like Summer to Autumn, and Winter to Spring are not as visually noticeable. In Canberra, however, the tree turn those gorgeous reds and oranges in Autumn, and blossoms come out in Spring. It is gorgeous, and one of the many reasons I love visiting Canberra. Today I took the opportunity to take some blossom photos, as I cannot guarantee they will still be around next time we visit, and taking photos of blossoms is one of my favourite spring time activities (we have a gorgeous pink blossom tree back in Geneva that I miss so much).

I then took some gorgeous photos of James, but since he is not so fond of the photos I will not share them here. I love the photos. I think he looks gorgeous, and so happy, and that makes me love them even more. :)

One more day of my long weekend and then it's back to reality.


  1. This place looks, and sounds, so good. I'd love the opportunity to explore places like this! x

    1. If you're talking about Canberra then I must be doing an awesome job at making it look nice. I love the place, but almost everyone else I talk to complains about how boring it is! :P

      Thank you!