Sunday, 18 August 2013

Winter? Really?

Beautiful blue skies, temperatures warm enough for shorts and mangos on the shelves in really isn't feeling like winter in Sydney at the moment. I'm not really sure if I'm complaining or not, at the moment lovely days like this are very welcome, but I'm sure after 4 months I'm going to be wishing there wasn't another 3 months of warm weather still to go!

In life news, things are going well. I've been feeling like I have been neglecting the blogging world quite a bit lately, and I do not have a reason for it... it's just not high on my list of priorities at the moment. Work takes up a lot of my thinking power, not only during work time but outside work hours too. I'm constantly thinking of or creating little things for us to do with the children, or planning and daydreaming about how I would organise our room for next year if money was not an issue (I've found a gorgeous rug that costs $400...can't see my boss saying yes to buying it...). I've also started my Certificate III in Children's Services, a qualification I'll need if I want to keep my job. When I say started I mean enrolled and printed off the notes for the first unit, because I'm doing it online and am very good at delaying the actual starting. The first unit look pretty basic though, sleep routines, hygiene, food, things I deal with every day, so I doubt I'll be reading much new. Besides work and study I have basically been sleeping, because my life is really that interesting; sleeping and playing Candy Crush (damn you Candy Crush for wasting away so much of my awake time).

So if you don't hear from me for a long while it will be because I am either working, studying, sleeping or playing Candy Crush.

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