Saturday, 31 August 2013


Before work yesterday I was reading an article on the Telegraph website about England and Australia's recent T20 game (seriously...I'm voluntarily reading articles about sports now...) and I cam across the line, which you can see above, "Pakistan-born Fawad Ahmed makes Oz dayboo".

I paused.

Dayboo? Now I will admit I am not the best at spelling, but I was fairly sure the author meant 'debut', but being all doubtful of my spelling/writing abilities I did some googling to see if 'dayboo' was a word I had maybe just never come across. No. It is not. 'Dayboo' is not a word.

Responses from friends and family about this weird spelling have thus far been:
"The opposite of a nightaaaaaaaaaah?"
"Maybe it was his dayboo article."

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