Monday, 14 June 2010

3 weeks!

In 3 weeks, just 3 weeks, omg so exciting that it's in 3 weeks, I will be in Australia again. WITH JAMES! Yaaay! :) I am very excited, like I may just cry excited! :D Eeeeee!

In other news I went to the "sports festival" with Adrienne and Victoria to play in the 3v3 tournament, for basketball of course. The organisation was...ur not so good. Hatfield and Castle did a lot of organising and making sure everyone played their games. We lost all of ours, although I am pretty convinced we won one...but oh well. Played Trevs, they are still really annoying and I would not be upset if they all broke their legs of something, yeah. Was happy that the other teams found them and Josh incredibly annoying too, I was thinking maybe we were being harsh because they just messed us about this year, but no, they are just urgh! But it was good exercise, and good fun. :)

Omg! 3 weeks! eeeeeee!

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