Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Saturday in Paris

Photos from our first day in Paris. We had a little rest on the really short walk to the Pompidou to watch some men trying to sort out some balloon decorations. :) It was very enjoyable and made both of us very happy I think. I really like the photos I got too. Apparently there was some kind of LGBT parade later that day in Paris, which might explain why all the bars and clubs were decorating their outsides with rainbow flags and balloons.

We got to the Pompidou, and OMG...eeek...heights. We went to the Galleries, which weren't that inspiring, but they are at the top top top. The escalators up were on the outside, and eeeek. But the view was nice, but scary.
The main exhibition was female artists. Something to do with maybe because they aren't as represented in the Art world or something...but there wasn't much that was inspiring. I think the Pompidou was definitely better last time I went. Here are the few things I found cool.

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