Tuesday, 8 June 2010

It's been a while.

Exams are officially over! I don't know how I did yet, I don't think we find out until the 23rd, but the actually writing is over! YAY!!! I went out for lunch with some Education people to celebrate. Was really nice and fun. I do like the Education crowd. :) We also had a basketball match in the evening which I am pretty sure NO-ONE wanted to play, hehe. But we won! So yaaaay! :D

I've been quite lazy since exams ended. Will made Miriam and I lunch on Saturday, then we walked to the Botanical Gardens (it was closed...poo), so we got a drink at the New Inn then went home to a picnic. Sunday was Hild Bedes beer fest, so I suppose I may have been busy rather than lazy! Hehe.
I drew something yesterday in my whole sitting around doing nothingness. Tis a cool Giraffe! :D With glasses, oh yeah, really cool! :D
It's been quite horrid weather since Sunday, grey clouds and rain. Yuck yuck. I liked it when it was sunny and warm, it makes me eat healthy. Fruit and veg seem so much more appealing when it's warm out. Who loves melon? Me me me!!
Ooo! And it was James' birthday on Wednesday, and I felt bad I didn't give him a special blog post, but I did have an exam that morning! My official excuse. Here's the picture I sent him on his birthday! :D It does mention rainbows and fairy dust, I know...I'm too cool! :P
Going to Burger King for lunch today, then making milkshakes and cookies with Miriam. :D I love having time off! I do have to write something about Proof by Induction for Friday to get onto my only compulsory Maths module...make sense to you? Because it makes no sense to me! But oh well. Hopefully I'll be back more this week!

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