Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Stupid toilet...

...Our toilet started running water into the tank continuously, making that really annoying flushing noise for ages. I got tired of it so went to look. I was hoping someone else would earlier cuz I'd managed to creep myself out about there possibly being someone else in the house...I managed to scare myself like that a lot. Anyways, the noise was too annoying. So saw it was leaking, and the water wouldn't stop flowing in, but didn't know what I could do about it so put a jar under the leak and closed the door so the noise wasn't as loud. That's just not enough for me though, so I googled. Hehe. Google is so handy. I found some stuff about how toilets worked, went and investigated and as they had said the floaty thing wasn't floating up enough, so I screwed on this float that we had in the tank...I assume it should have always been screwed on, so either we've been doing it wrong or it came off. But yeah, silence...ah tis so nice.

My hand feels dirty though, even after washing it lots.

Time to get some sleep.

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