Tuesday, 6 July 2010


After much travelling, and some nice chats to the people sitting next to me, I made it. :) I am in Australia. :D Yay!

My whole body is a little achey from sleeping on the plane, and my concept of time is totally confused...not only does it get dark 5 hours earlier in the day her than back home, but my sleeping patterns did no adjust and I now stay up until around 5am...Might as well use this to watch the last World Cup matches (on at 4:30am in Australia), and then I'll try and adjust. :)

Not taken any good photos recently, been a tad tired (and Geneva was just too hot/my bag was too heavy with my camera in it). :D Hopefully, once I'm back into a normal sleeping pattern I will have time to go out and take pretty photos. :)


PS: Holland to win tonight! :)

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