Friday, 2 July 2010

He hides from me...

This post is going to make me look like such a loser, but yeah I play things like Farmville and Frontierville...and I like them! Hehe. Anyways, in Frontierville you get a spouse and you can make them look how you like and call them what you like, mine looks like James and is called James...and he hides! Which is so annoying because I have to make him do things, and to do that I need to click on him and I can't click on him if I can't find him! It's like playing Where's Wally! Look at how well he hides! I have put my cursor on him to make it easier for you so see...Gar James Gar! :P

Packing is going all right, stuff is in the wash, I have kind of chosen what I want to take with me...just need to put it all in the suitcase and magically make it weigh 20kgs! Yay! :P

Ooo, and Sarah is making lunch! :O :)

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