Thursday, 2 September 2010


Where is Autumn? Ok, it's starting to be just 20 degrees, which is much nicer than 30...but still. I want to wear Autumn clothes, hats, jumpers and all that. I am mentally in Autumn, so it's a bit annoying waking up every day to sunshine. (I've just managed to complain about it being nice out...)

Anyhoo (which is NOT in the dictionary you know), I've not really had the best start to the day...could be why I am complaining about the weather (seriously, how English am I?). I went out to get some lunch, and potentially shoes. I had to be quick because I didn't want to leave the kitchen guys in the house alone too long. Well, the boots were both expensive and made me feel fat...I'm not sure how boots can make you feel fat, but these ones did. I am thinking I may have to give up on finding some nice and comfortable boots. That put me in a bit of a downer...I get down when my shopping plans aren't going as planned...retail therapy has the opposite effect for me a lot of the time. I got some lunch, and then managed to break a glass when I got home. Fiddly shelves! Yep, good day so far! :P

I am happy though, yup yup. I had a yum lunch, and should be having a fun evening tonight, so all is good. :)

But seriously, could Autumn weather PLEASE hurry up?!

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