Thursday, 23 September 2010


Yesterday was sunny, like most of this week has been. Stupid sun. I do not have a summer wardrobe, please hurry up with the cooler weather! Hehe. Anyhoo, saw a cute like gecko, we see a lot of them...generally scurrying off to hide. So I thought I'd take the opportunity to take a photo of this little guy. :)
:D AUTUMN! It's here, there a conkers on the ground...well there was this one anyways! :D Made me happy. Did anyone else randomly collect conkers every year and then not know what to do with them?
The kitchen is also coming along! It's looking REALLY nice, very exciting! It's VERY shiny, but that's cool. :) Hehe.

Today is sunny again, so I am staying indoor to avoid the sun. :P Trying to get stuff done. Typed out things I want to put in my personal statement for PGCE, also e-mailed John to ask him to be my referee. Tried to read stuff about the Rose Report, Cambridge Review and the new curriculum but my head just isn't focusing so I've only managed to bookmark pages! I feel like I may be slowly getting somewhere though! Possibly...back to trying I suppose.

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