Monday, 6 September 2010


We spent Saturday in the mountains. :) I do love the mountains when the sun is shining and it's nice and warm and there are all sorts of pretty things to take photos of. Whilst my dad slaved away in the kitchen (we do help occasionally) I feel like I enjoyed quite a pleasant day. We played a bit of Bridge (our new favourite card game) and I took lots of mini walks to photograph flowers.
I love the wildlife/nature up in the mountains, it's so very pretty. We had a bbq for lunch, due to the lack of kitchen, and mine and Sarahs favourite summery side dish, tomatoes and mozzarella with basil oil. Mmm mmm mmmm. It photographs quite nicely too, I think it's the lovely vibrant colours.
After lunch I wondered around taking photos again, there's no stopping me when there are pretty things to photograph. The day was just so beautiful.
THEN, COWS! Hehe, we could here them from the chalet, so out I was once again with my camera. They were very pretty cows, all gingery, it looked so nice with the blue blue sky and green green grass. :)
There were babies too, unfortunately my camera ran out of battery before the smaller calves came down. Oh well. It was a lovely day in the Mountains nonetheless.
We went to a wonderfully awesome bbq in the evening, and that's all I will say. :)

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