Friday, 3 September 2010

Cheer up.

Ehehe. :) We took some crazy photos yesterday and I thought I'd share them to help cheer me up.
I'm having some trouble deciding what to do with my life. I think I've become so used to getting approval from people when I make a decision that now when I don't get positive feedback I start doubting my decision instead of standing my in a sense I don't feel like I have my own strong opinion. I do, I just feel like it falls apart when I don't get the response I was expecting and then it takes me a while to get back to my opinion.
Anyhoo, fun photos! Sarah and I had fun yesterday afternoon playing cards and taking photos, here are some of the results. :)
My "photo shoot" or "paparazzi" moments:
Sarah's "photo shoot" or "paparazzi" moments:
Hehe, fun fun fun.

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