Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Cute Pumpkins.

There is an adorable tutorial for making your own fabric pumpkins here. (Her photos are copyrighted and so I don't want to use them without her consent) BUT I think you should definitely look at the tutorial AND her blog, it's very cute and unique. :)

In other news I have been sorting out a budget for myself because I seem to have used a LOT of money this past month leaving me with very little for fun things, like clothes! I think I have found a budget that won't starve me but will also give me some freedom to buy things other than necessities. :)
AND I think I am getting somewhere with my dissertation idea, and work in general. Who knew having a printer would make me want to work so much? I'm thinking more time in the library this year? Maybe...hehe.

If I get round to it I'll be back tomorrow! :D

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