Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Mattia Bonetti

So, as part of my blogging more I am going to try post about some decorations, interior design or paintings I quite like. Today is the work of Mattia Bonetti. I can't find a website for his stuff particularly, but some of his things were in Elle Decorations and after some searching...well, I found that his stuff is pretty awesome! Very creative.
I love the use of interesting shapes, the way the eye gets drawn towards them. If you google image his name...loads of inspiration. Really nice...man it just draws me in. Seriously seriously cool. I do especially love the broken necklace picture up at the top. :)

As an extra, a photo of my wallpaper up, the new vases and flowers I bought and my green nail-varnish. It wouldn't let me send it to James...so voila. :P
Talk to you later! :)

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