Thursday, 28 October 2010


I LOVE jumpers, not all jumper, I love big, cuddly, stylish jumpers...those ones that hide a bloated-just-eaten-a-huge-meal-stomach but still make you look skinny. I love snuggling up in them and being cozy. I love cozy stuff, and when it look good too, my favourite! (I am a tough judge on my clothes) I have been doing some internet browsing (as one does when work needs to be done) and have found two really lovely jumpers. One from Kookai and the other from Zara.
I do like those two brands, I tend to buy more from Kookai though because the shop is so much nicer in Geneva, the Zara shop is too full and crowded...although at Gateshead Metrocenter it's very clean and spacious and lovely, so when I do go there on the rare occasion I am very inclined to buy something. :P I want these jumpers!!!

In other news, guess who has an interview to study PGCE Primary at Durham? Me! :D I am excited...need to scrub up on the National Curriculum and other related stuff, but YAY!

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