Sunday, 17 October 2010

Sometimes I miss the Mountains

I read my mums blog this morning, she updated about snow! SNOW. In October in the Mountains...and not really the very high mountains, we're talking about 1500m. So I had a little look myself. It's so pretty....sigh...I do love the snowy mountains (if I am in the warmth with a nice fire, a big cup of coffee and friendly chatter).
The weather here is rarely as pretty as in the mountains, I doubt its rarely as cold...but the house...THAT can be cold, so it's nice that the weather doesn't get too cold or else I think we might freeze to death!

Time to do some work on my dissertation...still trying to figure out what exactly I want to focus on. My head is having a hard time doing any work with such an open choice!


  1. Has it slipped down the mountain ? Must be the snow. It was at 1600m last week !

  2. I think from the image you will see that there is snow below the chalet, and so it is possible that both are correct...I was never specifying which part of the mountain I was talking about. :P