Friday, 22 October 2010

Thursdays is for dresses.

I love the look of dresses, and skirts. I do, however, find jeans and trousers so much more comfortable...mainly because there is no risk of revealing certain parts of yourself unintentionally. SO! I have made Thursdays my dress and skirt days, meaning every Thursday I HAVE to wear a dress or skirt. :)

I've done 3 weeks so far, but have only started taking photos this week. I am enjoying it, and actually starting to like dresses. I tried looking for more, because at the moment I have about 2 that I can wear for daytime, but I am quite picky about styles and sleeve lengths and everything. I think I definitely like strappy sleeves! So I'm getting somewhere! :P

I'll be back next Thursday with picture proof of my dress/skirt wearing. :)

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