Saturday, 19 March 2011

101 Dreams - Dream 2

A while ago (I think a little less than a year..due to birthday present relatedness) I blogged about a 101 Dreams book. So far I have filled 51 of those dream spots with, well, dreams! And I thought it was about time I shared some of them on this blog...obviously not in order, due to the fact I am starting with 2, but as I feel like it, or find interesting photos or info for my dreams.

Dream 2 - do a World Tour.
I don't want to go everywhere in the world...but I would love to circle the Earth visiting all sorts of wonderful and interesting countries and cities...some of my later dreams are just the countries and cities I'd like to world tour could fulfil many of my dreams...and I will post beautiful pictures of why I want to visit certain cities and countries when I feel so inclined. :) For now...I dream of travelling the World.

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