Tuesday, 22 March 2011


I've been tidying my room...and taking photos because we're going to sell all my furnitures. So far I have tidied around certain items and moved the mess out of the photo frame. :P Not exactly tidying...although my room looks quite tidy in the shots of my furnitures. :)
I also decided I should throw away things that I do not need which are taking up space, such as my 3D shapes made in 8th grade...they are a good 7 years old, I think they can go. BUT I didn't want to throw them out without some sort of record of them, so voila! Ma shapes!
I then SMASHED THEM! Muahahahahaha! :D It was fun. Smash smash smash!
And proof that my room is now a tip...
Lovely I know....I think I may be getting somewhere...slowly...very slowly.

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