Friday, 25 March 2011

101 Dreams - Dream 8

Dream 8 - Open my own Cafe.
I know a lot of work would be needed, and that is precisely why it is a dream. I enjoy thinking about all the different yummy goodness I would bake, and how to decorate my little cafe. :) I would obviously serve tea and coffee (all the different sorts I can get!), water (flat and sparkly), yummy juice, hot chocolate (with ALL the toppings!!) and milkshakes for those hot days. I would get up every morning and bake, I'm sure after a while it would be a tiring way to wake up...but for the moment waking up to a day of baking and watching people enjoy the baking sounds so wonderful! What would I bake? I don't know...cupcakes, rice-crispy cakes, pancakes, macaroons (if I could learn how to make them), eclairs (ditto), cookies, scones...all sorts! Mmmm, chocolatey, coffee flavoured, fruity...all sorts! The mugs should be cute but mis-matched...something similar to the mugs in Central Perk...but cuter! There would be cute centrepieces on every table, some comfy sofas and armchairs and a lovely atmosphere! I'd want it to be happy and bright in the summer and cozy and warm in the winter, AND I'd love to decorate it with my own artwork and whatnot that customers could buy if they liked. :) It's a lovely little dream to escape to every now and then.

(so so cute!!)

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  1. and tables with no matching chairs...and mugs like in Luke's from the Gilmore Girls...and each day something different, not always cupcakes every day but different cakes each day. Celebrate festivals, create special days etc etc, I love it <3