Thursday, 3 March 2011

Lovely Day

It was such a lovely day today! It has been beautiful weather recently: blue skies, sunshine, flowers! Lovely! For some reason sunshine/summer/spring makes me want to eat fruit and veg. I made the mistake of food shopping yesterday, came home with all sorts of healthy stuff. So unlike me. I got cherry tomatoes for snacks, a melon (I squealed inside when I saw melons!), ciabatta to make Edward style sandwiches...just generally not totally unhealthy stuff. So my lunches have been looking good. :)

Flowers have been coming out, and since it was so lovely today and we have the afternoon off I thought I would take a little walk into town and take some photos on the way home. Here are some of my favourites:
AND, once I was home Miriam noticed a hot air balloon outside...I got super excited, grabbed my camera and ran outside without shoes...I love warm weather! The balloon landed in the Sands, was so cool. I took photos obviously!
I then did work! (I know, amazing.) and then went to watch Adrienne belly dance, she was pretty good! Hehe. :)

Was a pretty awesome day. :)

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