Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Maths within Coral

I finished my summative! YAY! Now like 4 more? And a dissertation? Plus the presentation on my Maths project this friday...yay! I started research for the Maths project this afternoon. My initial idea was the Maths of Art...or something along those I was googling about and thought of spirographs, totally awesome stuff! There seems to be quite a bit of maths behind them as well, and I think it would be a fun way to teacher old kids maths...but anyway, I was googling pictures to make my presentation pretty (like you do) and clicked on this maths looking one, as I thought it may be useful for explaining the maths...and oh my! It led me to an awesome blog. And so I started browsing the blog and came across an awesome video from TED (well two, but I'll share just this one for now).

I suppose it may not be TOTALLY interesting to people who absolutely hate maths, but if I enjoyed it then it can't be that bad! Hope you enjoyed! I have so much I want to talk and write about for Maths now its all arrrrrhhhheeeee! :)

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