Tuesday, 26 April 2011

My escape

Drawing is my escape. I don't make much time for it, and recently, whilst drawing, realised how calming I find it. My brain sort of switches off, everything is good again, there are no worries.

I've been feeling awfully stressed today. I know I am to blame, I could have some how worked more earlier...I feel like I've worked non-stop, but I know it's not true, I've had days off, I've sat around incapable of working...if I'd worked then i wouldn't be quite as stressed as I am now. Am struggling with my essay due this Wednesday. I have 2000words...but I don't think any of them get close to what the question is asking...and then when thats done I need to do a dissertation and a 4000 word Maths Project. And despite having considerable research for both, I feel an overwhelming pressure of having to get them done in 1-2weeks.

All my comfort people have been inaccessible today...so I've not really been able to offload my stress, so it will have to be here, with a picture of my escaping art.

4.5weeks until I'm done with essays and exams. Thank God it's so soon. I'm fed up with this whole business.

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