Monday, 25 April 2011


Sundays are our Pub Quiz evenings. We all meet up at the Pub to do a quiz, it's a nice little third year tradition. Easter Sunday, a.k.a. yesterday, there was no Pub Quiz, which meant perfect procrastination! I MADE a quiz, loosely based around my little life for everyone to do as a kind of birthday thingy. Hehe. I really should have worked but quiz making was way more fun, and who could be a handy skill! The quiz we go to now starts with a picture round, followed by one round of 7 questions, a music round of 7 questions...always have to name the composer/singer/group, a beer round of 7 questions (which doesn't count towards the score...but you can win a round of beer), two more rounds of 7 questions and then a General knowledge of 10 questions. I followed this pattern. :)

My picture round was pictures of me (so self centred) in different countries, they had to allocate the countries with the pictures. I was nice, I gave the the countries...would have been REALLY hard otherwise. SO since I am now in the possession of some photos I thought I could prolong my procrastinating by sharing them, by country...and then eventually I can share the questions...I am awesome and finding ways to distract myself.

Todays country: England!
People had trouble guessing this one was look Chalet like apparently. The one above above was apparently also tough (they were my two England pictures for the round). :)
Eee. I did help by telling people where I'd lived and how old I was when I moved to those places...still caused confusion...but it was definitely a lot of fun! :)

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