Tuesday, 16 August 2011

7 countries, 5 days.

Switzerland, Germany, Holland, England, Holland, Belgium, Luxemburg, France, Switzerland.

This weekend (Thurs-Mon) we went to collect my university things, by car. The trip there was...hectic, stressful, slow, full of traffic jams, not exactly the happy finishing off uni trip I thought it would be. But we managed to get on the ferry and get to Newcastle, so it's all good. On Saturday, the day we arrived in Newcastle, my parents and I had some yummy Fish and Chips for lunch, and then my mum and I met with Sonya and Bailey and had a wonderful afternoon in Vennels, wandering around shops and watching my mum get her feet eaten by fish. It was really, really lovely. My parents and I then went for dinner at Zen, which is always very yum...mmmmm. And then headed to Miriam's and Will's because thats where I was staying the night. An all in all good day.

I had LOADS more things than I remembered BUT we managed to fit them in the car and say good-bye to Durham. Bye!

The trip back was LOADS better, the ship was nicer, the food was nicer, our room was nicer, the weather was gorgeous, we were all happy, the roads were open and traffic free. It was pretty darn awesome!

And now I am home...and really need to get started sorting out my life, although I'm enjoying just being for a while. :)

Our good-bye G&T's as we left the port.

The wonderful-ness of dinner.

Our yum yum main courses. Mmmm.

And my Symphony of Strawberries. Was a little too strawberry-y.

The gorgeous roses on our table.

And the lovely sunset. :)

As for my 'To do' list last Wednesday, I achieved it all except the unpacking...I now have a whole lot more unpacking to do as well...could be a week or 2 before thats done. But I painted, and we had the most lovely evening out with the Hall's. :D

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  1. i love your sunset photos! this made me miss durham lots :( hope everyone is well! so glad i get to stalk your life through your blog xxx