Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Oh, Lola!

I had a pretty long stop over in Terminal 5 on my way home. I say pretty long, it was only 4-5 hours, which is short compared to what some people have to sit through at airports...but it felt like forever, there really aren't enough shops to keep you occupied (mainly because most of them are like super fancy, and I'd just got off of a 24-ish hour plane journey so did not feel I looked anywhere near good enough to go in those stores). I thought since it was such a long wait, and I was getting close to being bored out of my mind, I would treat myself. I'd seen Marc Jacobs 'Lola' perfume before, and really liked the smell and the bottle, but it was always a bit pricey. Airport stuff is a little cheaper! PLUS he's just released 'Oh, Lola!' which is a lot lighter than the original, so I like it like 10 times more. So I got some. It's so pretty, which is nice, because it can become a decoration when I've used it all up...and it makes me feel special using it. :P :)

I now own a Marc Jacobs perfume...it sounds so fancy!

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