Tuesday, 9 August 2011

I'm Home

(from weheartit.com, I think it applies to all loved ones: family, friends, significant others)

It's hard to define what home is now...I have so many. But I suppose the typical meaning of home is what I mean, I am with my family in the house and city I grew up in. :)

No James though, but it's ok, we're used to it now. In an odd way it almost felt normal having to leave...I know I'll be a mess of emotions in a weeks time, but for now it's feeling like part of a routine. We'll be stopping that routine soon, yup yup. :) I'm not overly fond of the routine anyway.

But! I am home. Need to start doing all the amazing things I have planned for this time...like find some work, learn to drive, and all sorts of fun creative things I hope I'll manage to blog about, because I like sharing. Exciting times ahead! :D

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