Thursday, 8 September 2011

Chicken Stir-fry

To keep myself busy, and doing something that interests me, I have decided to try cook something new(ish) each week. It's also nice for my mum not to have to cook every night as well. :) And since I like to share I thought I'd let you know what recipe I was following, how easy I thought it was to make and how yum I thought it was. :D

On Tuesday I made a Chicken Stir-fry meal from the Masterchef Australia website, the recipe can be found here.

I liked the look of it because there was no rice or noodles, so in a way it feels healthier and less bloating to eat.
The ingredients.
The ingredients included:
- Dark Soy sauce.
- Fish sauce.
- Chicken.
- Spring Onions.
- Garlic.
- Bean Sprouts.

The original recipe includes a finely chopped red chilli, but I was a little scared of using that so avoided it. But I think it would add some colour to the dish, and a bit of added flavour (not that it lacked flavour).

The meal was easy to cook, and the instructions very simple to follow. PLUS, it tasted really yum! We all thought it could have done with maybe a bit of ginger and the chillies, but it was still delicious and something I'd recommend making. Mmmm. :)

What my final dish looked like:

This is definitely a dish I'll make again and again, and alter as I like it. It's a really great simple base for experimenting with. :)

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