Saturday, 24 September 2011

My Paintings...

Paintings from the last 3 years...
I like art, I like painting. But I rarely like what I make myself. It's so very odd. I love drawing cartoons, and do often love what I've drawn...but I don't know, my painting collection just feels so mix match. I have a feeling everything I am going to talk about in this post will make little sense, mainly because I really don't understand my feelings towards my paintings. :P I would love to do something artistic as a career, and feel that to do so I have to have some sort of 'style', you know something that makes people go "Oh thats got to be done by Kt" but I don't feel I have that style. But then I look at these paintings all put together, that were all done over 3 years, at different times in my life and without consideration of other things I've painted...and there feels like there is an odd connection between them all. But I don't want to make stuff like that...or I keep thinking I don't, but if I sit down to doodle. it's usually something playful and in cartoon style.

I feel like my focus in life is mega blurry, and so most of the things I used to feel so sure about are blurry everything is just blurry. I need to re-find my focus.

So, random post, with random rambles about not much just to say I feel a little lost in my ways and would like to find my way in life again. :)

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