Monday, 12 September 2011

Jonathan Adler - Salt and Pepper shakers

Banana Salt and Pepper shakers, $48. - My favourites.
Globus, a department store in Geneva, often gets in really awesome things, from awesome designers. At the moment they have a very cool bedroom set up in their house/furnishing section with quite a few things from the awesome Jonathan Adler. I would share all his creations with you (but I think you're capable of browsing his website yourself) and James and I are collecting Salt and Pepper shakers, so Salt and Pepper shakers appeal to me more, plus he's made totally awesome ones, so they are super fun to show off! :D
Elephant Salt and Pepper shakers, $48.
Stripe Salt and Pepper shakers, $48.
Poodle Salt and Pepper shakers, $48.
Futura Salt and Pepper shakers, $48.

Don't you think your dinner table would look so much better with one of these sets? :)

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  1. My dinner table would look much better with them on it!!! I am impressed at your research ability.