Sunday, 1 January 2012


Happy New Year everyone!!! I know for some people in the world it has only just happened, or not even happened yet, but here in Australia we've celebrated, slept and are now well into the 1st of January!  Scary! I hope you have all had the most fabulous 2011 and will have an awesome 2012. Do you have anything exciting planned? Made any resolutions?

I have. I usually do, and they are usually lame, and not that easy to stick to or measure, but after reading this post over at 'A Beautiful Mess', I decided I'd give resolutions another chance. So I made a list of all the sorts of things I'd like to do and tried to turn them into proper achievable, measurable goals. Then I wrote them out all pretty. :D

Here are my goals for 2012:
This is the only full page I will be sharing - Learn more about photography.
1. Learn more about photography. 
I know this one doesn't sound exactly measurable and all that...but this was a hard one to make as such. I want to learn more about how cameras work, different settings on cameras, photo compositions and all that. I have quite a few websites already saved to read through, and plan on getting a little book and making it like a little research project...maybe I could write an essay...haha...maybe not. But yes. I want to understand photography more, and this year I plan to tackle that.

Lose at least 5kg.
2. Lose at least 5kg.
I didn't really want to share this one...because sharing getting fit or weight loss goals tends to hinder them as friends and family tend to say your doing well, or can have a day off, or look fine; but I'll just ignore those people. I've started this one early by already starting to do exercise and drinking more water and less Coke. I don't think I'm fat, and I don't hate my body, I just want to be more healthy and fit...and I didn't want to time running or 5kg.

Cook something new and healthy once a week.
3. Cook something new and healthy once a week.
I should maybe have added in savoury too, considering Goal 4, but I understand. So yeah, once a week starting from when James and I have our own kitchen, I would like to try cooking something new and healthy. There are so many yummy dishes out there in the world and I would love to learn how to make them so that eventually I can just rustle up something amazing without a recipe or anything. :) I will of course, hopefully, share these recipes and their failures/successes with you lovely people through my blog.

Bake once a week for a year.
4. Bake once a week for a year.
Bake/make something desserty. I know this sounds slightly counter Goal 2...but I plan on baking yummy treats that aren't hugely fattening and bad for you...thats the plan anyway. :) I love the occasional sweet indulgent, and I'd love to be able to make super yummy this sounds fun! :)

Those are my bigger goals, but I have some others too:
5. Create moustache notebooks.
I love moustaches....and so too do a lot of people on the internet, so I thought it would be cool to make some moustache notebooks. I've had this idea for a while, and I've done a lot of sketches. I think it would be pretty cool to try and get them made...and maybe sell a few. (This actually sounds like a big goal, but I'm calling it small because I don't know what to do with it at the moment...I have no plan of action)

6. Create an Art Portfolio
I also want to start making time for Art. I think it would be nice to have one place with all my art documented, so that if I ever want a job in that field I have something to present. :) Plus, it would be pretty to look through every now and then when I feel talentless.

7. Learn more about Aboriginal Art.
When I did the IB, I based 2 of my art pieces on Aboriginal Art, and did a bit of research into the subject (as was required). Now that I am in Australia I would like to learn more about it, I am rather fond of their art, and it would be cool to learn more about something so specific to Australia. :)

8. Use my 365 book somehow.
It's a very vague goal...but I want to have at least decided how to use that book by the end of the year.

9. Try and achieve at least one of my 101 Dreams.
Another one. One a year means I won't get them all done in my life, but one is a good start. :)

So there you are. My 2012 goals. What have you got planned?


  1. Good plans :) I baked a cake last night.. I loved it! Good luck! xx

    1. Thanks! I hope I manage to do them all...I'm usually hopeless at resolutions. What kind of cake did you make? :)