Monday, 23 January 2012

Happy Chinese New Year

For the last three years I have celebrated Chinese New Year with three wonderful friends...this year we are all separated. So instead of enjoying some yummy Chinese take away with them, I am going to enjoy the memories of awesome times we had together.
 We started celebrating Chinese New Year because Adrienne would celebrate it with her family back home. Since Durham was/is a long way away from Cambodia/Mongolia we thought we'd make the day a bit special so she didn't feel too homesick. We ordered in Chinese, I made a weird dragon mask face thing, and we took photos. It was fun. :) And we did it in our second and third year again (minus the funny mask).
Last year I went a bit crazy with decorations...and made 3 paintings...thats what the final year of uni does  to me though. :P
I miss getting all excited about the day. I miss actually knowing that it's coming up! And I think I shall definitely miss the food and company on the day.

Anyhoo, HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR! I hope those of you who celebrate it have a wonderful time!


  1. Gosh! times flies!!!!! Wonder how AD spent it this yr! x

    1. I'm sure she's having a super wonderful time! She always knows how to enjoy herself! :)