Monday, 30 January 2012

Resolution Progress - January

1. Learn more about Photography
There has not been much progress on this goal. I have been looking for the perfect notebook, because that's the kind of thing I do. I found a notebook I like, but it was a bit expensive...however, after looking at money I have I think I can afford a little extravagant spending. :P I am excited to start soon.

2. Lose at least 5kgs
James and I have an app on our phones to help us a bit with this. So we're kind of watching our calories, by eating food and then finding out how many calories are in it. It gives us a goal calorie intake for losing a certain amount of weight, and we have been keeping to it alright. We've also been trying to do a bit more exercise, but we're expecting more progress when we move to Sydney.

3. Cook something new and healthy every week for a year.
When I made this goal I knew I wouldn't be able to start right away, but I have a Pin board of recipes I want to try, AND I've bought the Recipes folder from Kikki.k. So progress is being made and I should be able to start a week or two after we properly move to Sydney.

4. Bake something once a week for a year.
Just like my third goal, the exact same progress has been made, Pin board and folder. I am not totally sure how well this one will turn out since we have a microwave oven in our I need to see if it bakes the same as an oven. :)

5. Create moustache notebooks
No progress. But I need some to work on later in the year. :)

6. Create an Art portfolio

7. Learn more about Aboriginal art
Again, been looking for the perfect notebook, but again have found one I may buy. I've been really wanting to start this one, especially when I am bored and want something to do. I can see this being a really good time filler. I've also seen some books that I'd like to read on the topic. :)

8. Use my 365 book somehow
Nothing yet, but I have been making some mental plans on how to. I had started trying to take a photo a day again, and it was going well, then I went back to work and was either somewhere where I couldn't take photos or sleeping. :P So I have given up on that for now. I am thinking of maybe making it an artistic journal, with photos, drawings and random quotes. Kikki.k are giving daily prompts on how to use it, so I may use some of their ideas too.

9. Try and achieve at least one of my 101 Dreams
I have been looking through my list so far, to see what is achievable...and I have sort of completed one. Dream 43 is to live in a cool apartment with James. Now what we have isn't as cool as I had in mind, but it's still cool, and it's ours to call home for a it counts. :) That one was a bit too easy to do though, so I may try and achieve another dream. :)

So there is my January progress. I want to do a monthly 'progress report' so that I can actually see how I am doing. Writing it on here also helps to stop me from lying to myself about how I am doing. I'm quite happy with my progress in the first month, I have done some work towards achieving some of the goals but still have room to work on them during the rest of the year. :)

How are your resolutions going?

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