Monday, 23 January 2012

James and Katie's New Apaaartment

If you would like to read the title like I do, it goes a little something like this.

Anyhoo, this weekend James and I moved into our new studio. We are renting it together. It's quite exciting! :D We got the first set of keys on Friday, moved some of our stuff in, went to the Broadway shops to look at some stuff and get me some Kikki.k folders (and bump into someone I did Education Studies with at Durham...small world...), and have an awesome Indian dinner. Nom nom.
On Saturday we went to Ikea! Yay! There is one max an hour away by train and foot, and since James had NEVER been to Ikea (I know, sucked to be him) I thought we should definitely go. It was just like going to any other Ikea I had been to (which is pretty awesome to start with) but this time I was accompanied by someone who kept saying how awesome Ikea was, which made it so much better! We walked around the show room, decided on all the rooms we would like when we have money and a bigger home, and then went to have some lunch. We then went downstairs to the accessory bit...and maybe went a bit crazy...I don't know, we love what we got anyways! As we were leaving Ikea we got a call saying the second set of keys was ready to pick up, but they closed in an hour and 15minutes. To get back in time we had to run for the train...with our BIG Ikea was EXHAUSTING! But we got back, and got our second set of keys. :D

So photos of our new home! :D Voila!

The living area:
Our pillows (made for different sleeping styles), pillow cases, sheet (same colour as the pillows) and blanket are all from Ikea.

The Kitchen: 
Gin and Tonic was the first thing we decided we needed....
Our Bathroom:
So were the towels...we actually didn't get THAT much...
Our new Train stop! 
And, because I really love our little Paris eating area, photos of our yummy Indian meal on our first night. :)
Our new home. We are very happy with it. :)


  1. So cute :) I love your little studio, I've always wanted to live in one but I have two cats and a rabbit so I don't think it would work out so well for me lol

    Your paris area is adorable xx

    1. Thank you :) 2 cats and a rabbit probably would make a studio a bit difficult to live in...but at least you have some super, lovely, furry company! :)

      I absolutely love our little Paris area, I barely even noticed it when we inspected the place, but so happy it's there. :)

  2. wow CONGRATULATIONS!! you guys are doing such grown up stuff now, which makes geneva seem like a decade away! (okay now i feel old ;P) but YEAY! i am so happy for you guys!! i'll look forward to reading all your adventures together until you go house hunting one day and decorate your home with stuff from globus! (like we used to dream!) hehe. i miss you katie *hugs*

    1. :D It is so grown up isn't it? When did we all grow up? Geneva does feel like AGES ago, I look at photos and think how young I not good. I can't wait to get a proper house and decorate it with Globus stuff, even if I have to pack it all in a suitcase and bring to Australia, it will be done! :D I miss you too Naquiah! *super tight hug* and *that weird sexy hand thing "rawr"*

  3. So cute Kt!! My fav is the little French corner. :D

    1. :D Thank you! We love our French corner too! :)