Saturday, 4 February 2012

Little life update

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So remember when I said I was going to try and work a max of 3 days a week and enjoy myself...well I didn't. Last week I worked my first full week, 7:45-3:45 for five days a week. It was tiring, but I never felt very tired at work, and I really enjoyed it. I'm really loving my little job. I've been at the same centre for the last two weeks, and will be back all of next week, as their director wants to keep some consistency in staff for the kids so is pre-booking all the 'good ones'. The director is so sweet, on Friday as I was leaving she called me over to her, I was expecting something serious based on her face and then she says "I think your fantastic, thank you for this week.", considering that I'm already very emotional and was then tired this almost made me cry it was so sweet. It is nice to know I am considered a good at something you love, and I'm loving that I'm able to get to know all the kids better. I was working in the nursery most of last week, I think it's my favourite room to work in, I love those kids, they are SO adorable. :) One of the little girls now comes shuffling (she doesn't crawl, she shuffles on her bum) over to me with her arms in the air when I sit down on the floor, not to be picked up, but to do some walking around the room. It's pretty cute. If I ignore her and leave my hands on my lap she will hold on to them and pull herself up and just wait for me to walk with her. She so adorable. They are adorable and all have such cute little individual personalities already.
In somewhat related news, James and I have decided we'll move to Sydney in 2 weeks time. I sent my work contact people and e-mail asking if I could still work for them in Sydney since they have centres and they have said they are very happy to give me work, so yay! I have recently realised that my 6 months of working with them will run out just after I leave for my holiday to visit family and friends back in Europe, so everything all feels like it's working out well. :) I love life when things work out nicely.

Other things I've done this week:
- I've bought more black clothes since babies get my clothes dirty everyday, means no reuse during the week
- I watched James' footsal team lose spectacularly
- I've ordered some more TOMS (if you haven't already heard, their ballet flats are now available!)
- I've had a VERY chocolatey sundae from Max Brenner's
- I've shocked people with knowledge of cricket
- I've gotten excited about the 6 nations starting, too bad the matches are at insane times in the morning over here
- I've slept about 6-7 hours a night
- James and I have discovered a pretty awesome radio station (106.3) listening to them right now, loving their Saturday night songs
- I've sucked at replying to messages, it's on my to do list for tomorrow
- I've received over 300 page views for my blog in one day because someone pinned the two last pictures from this post, I thought there was a glitch in the tracker thing!

Yup, thats been my life this week. I hope you have all had a good week and enjoy the weekend! :)

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