Saturday, 11 February 2012

This is what we had

First off, I hate that I haven't been posting for a while, so sorry. I am hoping to not work as much once in Sydney, so hopefully I will be able to post some more. :)

Whilst we were out on Thursday night a friend of James' uncle's girlfriend told us about the Multicultural Festival on this weekend. Being a couple that have lived in quite a few different places we really enjoy multicultural things (well, at least I do) so today we headed on down to see what it was like. Initially we thought it was quite small, but then we turned a corner, and another corner and it seemed to be never ending streets of stalls round every turn. There were some dances and songs on 5 different stages across the festival and LOTS of yummy smelling food stalls.
We ate our lunch there, and of course we had to get some beer. :P We started by trying some Macedonian beer and Lithuanian dumplings. We really enjoyed the Macedonian beer (for those of you in Geneva who have been to the Brasseure or Lord Nelson's, it is very much like the Blonde), and the dumplings were really yum! It was a very good start to our lunch. We had a long wander around the stalls with some Kingfisher and eventually decided to get something from a Portuguese stand: chips and a chirizo roll. All I can say is: om nom nom nom. We shared them...but I think we could both have easily polished off our own. The chips were so good we went back for more before we left. :) From the spot we were sitting at to eat our yummy Portuguese food we saw the Wunder Bar - German beer and hot dogs. So we got some more beer. We then wander around some more because we still hadn't seen all the stalls - there were seriously so many! We saw a Sri Lankan stall and I decided I wanted to try some stuff from there because I have a Sri Lankan friend, I know, my logic is flawless. BUT we didn't have enough money, so we'd have to go into the big shopping centre to get some, BUT we had we sat down for a long time to finish the massive German beer. We got our money and headed back to the Sri Lankan stall, getting a Russian beer on the way. Verdict: Russian beer good, Sri Lankan food spicy, the two together are an odd mix.

So, we had a pretty lovely time. :) What have you/will you get up to this weekend?


  1. Oooh the pictures have made me hungry lol, sounds like you guys had an amazing time

    1. Haha. They make me hungry too! Would definitely go back for the food. :)