Saturday, 25 February 2012

Random ramblings

I believe this is something James sent me once, he can be cute like that.
Here for a random little life update, because I'm feeling like one. :)

We are back in Canberra for the weekend because the Super XV (I am going to learn SO much about all sorts of Australia related sports whilst living here...) started this weekend. If I understand correctly, it is Union not League rugby, which means it's like the 6 Nations rugby, and it's between 15 teams (hence XV) from Australia, South Africa and New Zealand. And the Brumbies are one of the teams, and James' family support them, and they were playing yesterday we are back so we could go watch them yesterday. It was actually quite exciting, and although I didn't really care much for either team I did find myself getting rather excited when the Brumbies were going for tries. The first half involved a lot of kicking, and was thus quite boring, but some games are like that. The score ended 19-17 to the Brumbies, so we left happy. Yay! :)

Today has been quite a lovely day. I started off in quite a bad mood, I was feeling somewhat trapped, but lunch time helped me get over that. The weather was glorious today, so we sat outside for lunch. I'm not quite sure when lunch began, but it ended at something like 3:30. It was one of those lovely summer lunches. We had chicken sandwiches, some rose wine and talked. My favourite kind of meals involve a nice drink and conversation. :)
James and I then re-visted the shops after my mood made the first trip a bit of a failure, and picked up some super yummy frozen custard for everyone on the way back. We had chinese for dinner, outside again, nice conversation again, nice weather. Then packed for tomorrow, and are now chilling to the awesome music from 106.3. I'm feeling happy. :)

This has probably been boring to read, I don't know, but I want to remember it so I'm sharing it. Does anyone else find their blogs great at cheering them up when they are down? I love browsing through mine and reading what I had to say, so I like writing about simple days like today that have made me happy. :)

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