Saturday, 18 February 2012

Moustache you a question

Found here.
Haha! I love this. I've seen the phrase around, but it is just so much better when you associate it with his voice. :)

It's our last day in Canberra today, and was my last day at work yesterday. I was kind of sad to leave work, I almost cried a little...I got pretty attached to those kids. :) BUT, I'm looking forward to a lovely dinner tonight, and getting to live with James in Sydney. Yays!! I'm also taking a week off work, and then planning on working only 3 days a week, so next week should be really nice. :) Yays!


  1. Hope the "move" goes well. Thinking of you!

    1. :) Thanks! We hope so too. Got a housewarming gift today, a lovely grill pan from Matt and Michelle, they are very thoughtful (we'd sort of mentioned in passing that it's the one kind of pan we'd really like for our place). :)