Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Pancake Tuesday

James and I are very good about knowing of things, and then forgetting about them. We knew Pancake Tuesday was this week, we had planned to have pancakes, we were super excited...and we forgot until about 10pm Tuesday evening. So, in our traditional way we delayed it, and had pancakes for lunch today. :) They were super yum. We/James used a simple add water pancake mix thing and made some bacon to go on the side. Mmmmm, add a bit of maple syrup and YUM! It was a good lunch. :) Did you remember to celebrate Pancake Tuesday?
It does look so much yummier with maple syrup.
Mmm, settling into Sydney has been going well so far. We had done a LOT of walking on Monday and heat we had not experienced much of this summer, so I have not been feeling amazingly well. Sun, heat, walking, really makes me feel a bit bleh. So we've been making sure I drink plenty of water and spent today in, chilling and catching up on sleep. :) It's been a nice day. :D

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