Thursday, 12 July 2012

My Wonderful James

Yummy treat James whipped up for me!
I got back to Australia last Saturday evening, and struggled to get back into a proper sleeping pattern before today, which is why I told my employers I wouldn't be available for work until today. Since my job is casual, it means that I could be called the morning of a day I've said I'm available to do a shift. So, this morning I got up at 6:45 so that I could get myself all woken up and ready incase I got a phone call about work today. I never got a call. It bummed me out a bit. We're getting pretty low on money, and I stress about things like that, so I kind of wanted to get back to work so I could make money. A short shift would have been fine, just something to get me started again with this new agency. So, yeah, I was bummed. I had bummed myself out pretty bad and was just lying on the bed (I know...I could have done something...). Anyhoo, this is where my wonderful James get's his 'wonderful' title, he's super sweet! He saw that I was upset, so ran me a bath (tidied the bathroom up a lot too so there wasn't as much stuff lying about) and went to the shops to get a few things to make something whilst I was having my bath. The picture above is what he made, pastry with chocolate ganache and strawberries. It was yum! We then watched 'The Usual Suspects', a good movie, I didn't predict the outcome, I like it when that happens! Needless to say, I felt a whole lot better afterwards. AND I then got a call about work tomorrow, YAY! 

So, my James is wonderful and awesome. I am very lucky to have him. :)

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