Monday, 23 July 2012


James and I have started exercising. We want to be fit, plus we'd like to look good for the summer, but mainly we want to be fit. So we've started to do a 2.6ish km walk/run in the evenings, two nights of that, and then a day of abs work. We only really started last week, so we've only done one abs session and hurts! I found an abs workout on pinterest (apparently originally from this blog), and most of the comments on the site seemed to be about how good it was, so we thought "Let's give it a go!" Oh my! Ow! We are in pain. I mean, our legs hurt a bit from running, but now, any kind of moving hurts. We both think we need to add some extra stuff to it to work our backs as well, because we're walking around hunched over, standing up straight just hurts too much! So, we're adding some stretches and back exercises next. And maybe some arm and chest stuff. I'm thinking we may also need to add quite a few 'break' days and reduce them as we start aching less, but we'll see!

So, if you want to seriously hurt your abs, I have the perfect workout for you!


  1. Maybe tone down on the reps to start with, and always do stretching before and after exercise ( says she from her bed) !!!

    1. We've started skipping some of them, and are stretching more now too. :) We'll eventually find something that works for us. :D

    2. I am still inspired by you both!